Rushing around? Head down? Juggling 3 screens?

Big ideas come from space to think

You need to look up, not down, to solve big problems, find inspiration, or create innovation. Sometimes you need a different perspective, some fresh eyes and ideas to re-energies you or your team, focus your efforts & deliver the results you strive for.

Hello there

I'm Fiona Cloke

An experienced CMO, Chief of Staff & Strategist with over 20 years working with teams in digital, marketing and communications across a wide range of sectors from FMCG, Healthcare, Entertainment, to Sport, IT and Technology, I’m an ever-curious, pick-things up-fast, brilliant polymath with a wealth of skills and experience, and a passion for sustainability & designing better solutions to protect our planet and our future. I’m a brain in a jar to help you join the dots in your work or your organisation in new and creative ways, and the experience to lead projects and get stuff done. I’m also a trained leadership coach to help bring out the best in your teams along the way, working vertically or laterally as projects require.

Fiona Cloke - Leadership Coach

Missing opportunities to get ahead?


Are you a start-up or entrepreneur that knows their product but needs help to build marketing knowledge and prioritise how to make the most of your time and budgets to connect with your potential buyers? Clear on your communications strategy? Creative assets in good shape? 

Or are you a CEO/COO/CMO or CFO who needs a big picture thinker who speaks C-suite, marketing, finance, IT & ops to help you develop your sustainability strategy or work towards B Corp accreditation?

Climate Change and Net Zero targets aren’t going away and the sooner you set a plan, the better.

Every business is different. Sector best practices and norms vary. One size fits nobody which is why projects can be tailored, just get in touch.

Talk to me about a 5 step review and action plan.
Learn what to change in what order to drive purposeful results.

1. Listen

2. Assess

3. Diagnose

4. Treat/ prescribe

5. Monitor & support

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Untie your career knots & move forward faster

We all need to keep learning and growing to feel fulfilled. Let me work with you to get around roundblocks, achieve your next career goal or actively plan for “Chapter 3”. Retirement’s no longer a thing.

Plan your life with intent, just as you do your finances.

What Next Coaching


Start the journey to planet positive business practices

Net Zero. Carbon Neutral. ROSI (Return on Sustainability Investment). B Corp accreditation. SDGs (Sustainable Development Goals). ESGs (Environmental, social and corporate governance)

There’s a lot of confusing language and acronyms around sustainability. Do you and your teams truly understand the task ahead to do your bit towards government 2030 Net Zero targets?

Are your investors starting to ask tricky questions? Just planting a few trees and offering employee volunteering is not enough.

I can help you start the journey to planet positive business practices.


Digital de-jargoned & simplified

Big data or good data? AI? BI? Machine Learning? Business Process
Automation? Insta-what? Ad re-targeting? E-Commerce? CPC? SEO?
Don’t you mean CEO?

Keeping pace with the changes in the digital world is hard when it’s
not your day job.

Build your digital knowledge fast with 1-2-1 Exec Digital Coaching or
Leadership Team training.


Get the most out of your brainstorm & team off sites

Get the best return on your time with 3rd party workshop facilitation –
extensive cross-industry experience means efficient prep time.

Experienced facilitator covering blue sky innovation workshops,
objectives and metric setting & audience understanding & product
development / ideation.

Single session or workshop series as required.

Hampshire based, London, online & international friendly


You learn a thing or two over 20+ years in global marketing or digital transformation roles working with brands ranging from Google, YouTube & Samsung to Pampers, Max Factor, Gillette & Star Wars. You also learn a lot working with elite Athletes, and more still about yourself by sailing across the Atlantic too. A big dream, but I did it.

Big brands behave in ways that smaller brands, start-ups can learn from. They know the importance of knowledge & capability building, have clear objectives to focus on, and a drive for results. Big budgets or small, every business needs to balance the strategic big picture with the short term practical and actionable. Increasingly, if you’re not focused on a bigger broader purpose beyond profit, they’re risking mid term audience irrelevance or worse, antagonism. The time to act is now. There is no Planet B, but there is B Corp… and you should seriously consider it. How will your business be Net Positive? I set up the Conservation Club at School aged 12. I’d highly recommend the Cambridge Institute
Sustainability Leadership course.

Beyond the commercial you also learn about navigating the career jungle gym, the challenges of changing industries and sectors, managing teams or difficult people, and your own work life balance and energy levels, all of which spurred me to become a Henley trained Executive Coach. Transitions aren’t easy, but there’s no point struggling when there’s help available to keep you moving forward and on track.

When not working with clients I’m often found on a boat or by the
sea – the best places for ideas and thinking are rarely stuck behind a
big screen.


Winchester, Hampshire based, London,
online & international friendly.

No time like the present to start a conversation: